Cooperative Research Centres are jointly funded by the Federal Government, industry participants and research organisations to support Australian industries to solve critical issues, develop new technologies, products and services and compete on the world stage.

The CRC program is a proven model that has delivered significant economic, environmental and social benefits to Australia across a diverse range of industries. View a short video introduction on CRCs here.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre research program is national in its scope and will identify research opportunities, partnerships and participants Australia-wide and internationally.

Headquartered in Perth, the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre has an ambitious six-year research and development program targeting all segments of the battery value chain: the policy and governance framework for battery industries; the processes for extraction, refining and processing of raw materials and advanced battery component materials, and their recycling; and the testing, manufacture and deployment of battery components and systems. 

Benefits for participants

Our partners are at the forefront of developments in future battery industries, directly driving a broad research, development and commercialisation agenda.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre brings together almost 60 inaugural participants which includes national and international industries, eight universities from across Australia, the CSIRO, and Federal and State Governments.

We have partners covering the full extent of the battery value chain, such as mining, extraction, processing, and refining of battery minerals metals and materials, as well as downstream such as precursor chemical manufacture, battery cell manufacture, battery recycling and battery deployment in defence, electrical utilities, mining, and other mobile and stationary applications.

With access to the highest calibre research and industry expertise we aim to strengthen Australia’s participation in global battery value chains

The research program is national in its scope and will unlock additional value and efficiencies to develop future battery industries to support the growing demand for batteries, battery deployment and battery technologies, within the context of a circular economy.

The Commonwealth and participants have committed about $130 million cash and in-kind contributions to establish the CRC.

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