Celebrating our amazing women

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On this International Women’s Day, the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre is proud to acknowledge the significant contribution of three leading figures in the battery industry, Maria Forsyth Professor in Electromaterials and Corrosion Sciences at Deakin University; Professor Amanda Ellis, Head of Chemical Engineering and IT University of Melbourne and Maggie Gulbinska, A/Prof Director for the National Battery Testing Centre, Queensland University of Technology.

What’s your proudest achievement?

“I’m most proud that in our team of around 60 researchers in the energy materials team, more than 50% are females, including a number of emerging leaders who lead significant projects with industry partners. It’s particularly pleasing that these projects are all towards developing more a more sustainable world with recycling and advanced batteries at the core of their work.  This is quite an achievement for an area that is still predominantly male.”    Maria Forsyth


What advice would you give to young females?

“My advice to those just starting their career, work hard, be adaptable and build collaborative networks early.” Amanda Ellis


What impact have females had on the industry?

“It is inspiring to see many established and emerging female leaders in battery R&D and industrial roles. For the future, I hope to see continued improvements in affordable childcare access and flexible work arrangements; these are important for many young researchers, not only females.” Maggie Gulbinska


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