Creating a globally competitive recycling industry

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The FBICRC has funded an Australia Battery Recycling & Reuse Value Chain Gap Analysis Survey, to be conducted by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

CSIRO are looking for a range of stakeholders to complete the relevant stakeholder group survey, which include:
All Stakeholder QuestionnaireAll Stakeholders
Research Institutions
Manufacturing, Import and Retail
Industry bodies and not for profit organisations
Policy and Regulatory
Recycling industry


About this Survey

With the rapid rise of electrification of transportation and renewables energy storage within Australia, battery storage is becoming a critical infrastructure component. As more and more batteries are sold in Australia the near term issue of end of life management is becoming a problem. Disposal to landfill is not an option and hence a robust and domestic recycling industry has to be developed and implemented in Australia before waste streams become unmanageable. The FBI CRC and CSIRO have partnered to identify the critical problems which the incumbent industry faces as it looks to scale up to cope with the anticipated waste streams in the next 5-10 years and beyond. Australia has a unique opportunity, in partnership with its existing mining export industry, to not only recover valuable battery materials but to create a globally competitive recycling industry. In order to accomplish this, we first need to identify where the critical issue are in the incumbent industry.

The FBI CRC and CSIRO are conducting a gap analysis of the Australian battery industry. We are seeking extensive feedback from all sectors and stakeholders in the battery value chain:

  • Recycling companies
  • Government waste management regulators
  • Battery chemical manufacturers/suppliers
  • Research organisations/universities
  • Battery manufacturers/retailers and importers
  • Industry Bodies and not-for-profit organisations

With the key aims of this survey being to identify:

  • Challenges and gaps in all aspects of the value chain, including, but not limited to, technical, processing, infrastructure, policy, economics, business tools etc.
  • Current industrial initiatives & requirements
  • Methods to improve current processes & identify new opportunities

How to provide feedback

As part of this research we are seeking input from stakeholders to help us understand and identify the challenges and opportunities for different stakeholder groups. We would be very grateful if you were able to assist us in this effort by providing us feedback with the attached survey.

Please download the survey questions most relevant to your stakeholder group and if you can provide feedback by the 27th of November 2020 it would be really appreciated. Alternatively, if you wish to provide broader feedback you are welcome to use the all stakeholders question list.

Once all feedback is received we will be aiming to release, through the Future Batteries Industry CRC, a publicly available report which will detail our findings. The anticipated release date is January 2021.

Please send completed questionnaires to:

Dr Yanyan Zhao, CSIRO Energy, Clayton South, Melbourne via email:

The FBI CRC and CSIRO wish to thank you for participating in this study and for all feedback you can provide,

Kind regards

Dr Anand I. Bhatt, Dr Thomas Ruether and Dr Yanyan Zhao – CSIRO Energy

Prof Jo Staines, The University of Melbourne – Future Batteries Industry CRC

Thanks for reading

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