The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre will develop targeted education and training programs to develop the skills and expertise needed to grow battery-related minerals industries, manufacturing, battery deployment and recycling.

The involvement of eight universities across Australia, the vocational education sector,  the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and international research partners will provide access to relevant expertise and programs .

Education and training schemes

Our research programs will create new opportunities for research activity and linkages with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other industry partners, while creating a pool of skilled workers and researchers.

Higher degree research (HDR) and undergraduate students

  • A variety of scholarships and top-ups will be offered to research students; and
  • A total of 40 HDR’s will be facilitated across our three research programs.

Vocational Skills

  • Our vocational education and training partner, the South Metropolitan TAFE in Perth, will complete a national training analysis to help understand future workforce capability needs and skills requirements; and
  • Other VET and university partners will also be engaged.

Entrepreneurship and adoption

  • We will work with partners to augment existing incubator, accelerator and entrepreneurship programs.
  • A dedicated workspace will be provided for SMEs and a program for early ideation activities; and
  • We will develop an online repository of all information accumulated through CRC activities.

Professional Development

  • A partnership model will be developed to deliver short courses and executive education industry;
  • We will engage training partners in Australia and internationally to develop and deliver relevant course material.