The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre is developing targeted education and training programs to develop the skills and expertise needed to grow battery-related minerals industries, manufacturing, battery deployment and recycling.

The involvement of eight universities across Australia, the vocational education sector, CSIRO, and international research partners provides access to relevant expertise and programs.

Education and training program

Our exciting research projects are creating new opportunities for research activity that links with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other industry partners, while creating a pipeline of skilled workers and researchers.

Higher degree research (HDR) and undergraduate students

  • Over its life, the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre will support a total of 40 HDR students conducting industry-focussed research projects from our partner universities.
  • Our HDR students benefit from scholarships and top-ups, of up to $35,000 pa over 3.5 years for PhD students and 2 years for Master’s students.
  • Opportunities to participate in our HDR program are advertised on our post graduate opportunities page.

Vocational skills

  • A key vocational education and training partner, the South Metropolitan TAFE, has completed a national training needs assessment to help understand future workforce capability needs and skills requirements
  • We continue to work with South Metropolitan TAFE and other vocational education providers to develop and deliver micro-credentials suitable for helping people develop and maintain currency for employment in emerging battery industries.
  • We are working with state and territory governments and other stakeholders to deliver a nationally coordinated approach to new course and curriculum development for the emerging battery sector.
  • A 90 minute national seminar on how the education and training sector can meet the growing battery demand and deliver the required  workforce was held in August 2022 and can be viewed here.

Entrepreneurship and adoption

  • We are working with our partners to augment existing incubator, accelerator and entrepreneurship programs.
  • We are working with Climate-KIC Australia and other providers to support battery industry stakeholders’ participation in accelerator and entrepreneurship programs.

Professional development

  • The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre uses a partnership model to develop and deliver masterclasses, short courses and continuing education for industry and research stakeholders.
  • We engage training partners in Australia and internationally to develop and deliver relevant course material.
  • Opportunities are normally advertised on our News page, on our Eventbrite channel or through our LinkedIn posts.

Career pathways

Our career pathways page describes some of the many pathways to a successful career in Australia’s growing battery industries.