Minerals – a manufacturing opportunity

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Chief Executive Officer Shannon O’Rourke recently wrote an article for AuManufacturing news and media with a brief extract below. To read the full article,  click here.

Australia has vast resources of battery minerals and the beginnings of a battery metals value chain, but little in the way of value-added manufacturing. According to Shannon O’Rourke, the time for action to seize the opportunity is now.

The Australian mining industry saved Australia from recession in the GFC and again during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Blessed with a vast mineral endowment, Australia is positioned to play a critical role in the global battery technology revolution, but we need to think differently about the opportunity.

Our mineral reserves should not be viewed as a mining opportunity, but rather as a manufacturing opportunity, that can be leveraged to our national economic, security and strategic advantage.

The traditional pillars that support our economy are becoming increasingly fragile. World economies are shifting their focus to green energy and positioning themselves to capture these growing high-tech industries.


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