Process Legacy PhD Scholarship

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Regional synergy from new battery supply industries in the greater Kwinana Industrial Area

As part of the FBICRCs Process Legacy project, the Sustainable Energy Group at Curtin University is looking for a candidate to complete a PhD  project to:

  • Update the material flow analysis of current production in the Kwinana Industrial Zone (KIZ) and investigate the potential for lithium battery supply chain related symbiosis exchanges within the KIZ.
  • Update the existing synergies in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) by including the current and proposed battery supply chain  refineries and determine drivers (e.g. increased revenue through lower operation cost, reduce risk/liability, existing environmental regulations), barriers (e.g. distance between industries, availability of recovery technologies) and trigger events (e.g. resource scarcity, good examples from the previous synergy projects, avoiding import by obtaining local resources) that are required for implementing these new synergies.
  • The project will also cover the expanded KIZ including waste to energy processes

For further information and to apply, download the details here.

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