The opportunity is now

Australia has the potential to become a central player in the value-added export of battery minerals, materials, technologies and expertise.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre research program is national in its scope and will focus on maximising the impact of research investment and commercialisation opportunities.

We aim to create value through industry-led research that builds Australian industries along the battery value chain, driving demand for Australian products, services and solutions globally.

Making an impact

Our partners across industry, government and research have joined us to imagine a future Australia: a nation that has harnessed the power of its natural resources to become a leader in the manufacture of next generation battery energy materials, storage technologies and systems.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre will position Australia as a world leader in innovative energy minerals extraction, processing, and upstream battery storage technologies.

Industry has identified that this opportunity must be grasped in the next few years or it will be lost to overseas competitors.

Our program funds will support a national research agenda based on extensive consultation with industry.  This program will be supported by education, incubator, technology transfer, commercialisation and education and training to build research and workforce skills in future battery industries.

As Australia’s leading research collaboration around future battery industries in Australia, our research program includes three interdependent streams:

The research  also addresses challenges relevant to establishing a leadership position regarding environmental strategies.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre is unique in providing and researching a circular economy approach across the whole value chain from resources extraction, through processing, battery production, deployment and reuse/recycling.

Funding for research projects are allocated consistent with a Research Investment Plan which provides options for industry participants to support to identified priority projects, and the delivery of outputs and milestones specified in the Commonwealth Grant Agreement.

Initial research projects

In 2019, the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre undertook an initial  expressions of interest (EOI) phase for research project funding. The research partners of the CRC were asked to respond to the challenges and opportunities identified through consultation with industry.

As of January 2020, 54 EOIs  were received from our research and industry partners, laying a strong foundation for the delivery of the first and subsequent wave of research projects.

These submissions were reviewed by a Program Committee and the Board’s Research Implementation and Advisory Committee. A number of these were prioritised to develop full project proposals.

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