The Industry Development program will provide evidence-based advice to inform government policies and regulations and secure public trust for new energy technologies.

The program aims to develop measures, policies, procedures and mechanisms to catalyse the rapid development of battery deployment in the market and through vertically integrated Australian battery industries.

The focus is on optimising regulatory frameworks for rapid battery-based industrialisation uptake of Australian batteries from traceable Australian resources.

The policy framework will also incentivise cradle-to-grave investment in the battery industry within the context of a circular economy.

The five research themes are:

  • Battery market and value chain development;
  • Battery supply chain integrity;
  • Energy grid optimisation – with batteries;
  • Transitional impact of batteries on society and the economy; and
  • Optimise battery industry ecosystems.

Program Impacts

The investment in the battery development program will produce the following key outputs:

  • Policy recommendations for financial models, pricing models and innovative frameworks;
  • Proposed framework and guidelines for harmonisation and standardisation of battery design and state practices that are economically feasible to implement;
  • Demonstrated technology for provenance and traceability for battery minerals and metals, with linked environmental indices such as carbon footprint, water usage, indices reflecting ethics and society; and
  • Case studies of battery industry hubs / battery industry ecosystems and associated impacts on their business, social and natural environments and of these environments on the industry hubs.