Technology Critical Elements and their relevance to the GEF

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Technology Critical Elements

Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), an advisory body to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has released a background document Technology Critical Elements and their Relevance to the Global Environment Facility , with contributions from Professor Jacques Eksteen, FBICRC COO and Research Director, and Nathan Cammerman, Executive Director, Multicom Resources.

Technology critical elements (TCEs), including rare earth elements, the platinum group elements, and other relatively scarce metals, are essential for many emerging and green technologies, including renewable energy, energy security, energy storage, electronics, and urban development, and agriculture. However, the extraction of TCEs can have potentially harmful effects on ecosystems and human health when released into the environment. This STAP report provides a review of the benefits and the cost of TCEs and highlights solutions to managing their impacts. The report also presents recommendations that the GEF could consider in its investments and projects to manage the risks of TCEs and harness the opportunities it presents.

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