Electrics to drive zero emission mines

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Heightened social pressure and a need for economically efficient mining practices will see Australia’s mining industry shift towards a future of automation, electrification and the ultimate goal of zero emissions on site.

According to the State of Play: Electrification report, sponsored by the FBICRC and released by VCI today, the majority (89%) of the globe’s leading mining executives expect mine sites across the world to electrify within the next 20 years.  Electrification is a game changer for the mining industry as it allows the complete removal of diesel from mines and, when combined with renewable energy, results in a decarbonised mine site.

Australia’s leading mining companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP, South 32 and Oz Minerals – along with global tech giant Tesla and more – gave input into the report which uncovered that the need to shift to low footprint, electric mines is being driven by economic, environmental and health related opportunities.  More specifically, nearly 79% of mining executives believe there will be a health-related industry class action in the next 15 years and 91% expect the shift to electrics will create new business opportunities.

The report will be used to inform the FBICRCs Battery supported mine electrification project.

A copy of the media release is available here.


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