Activity Report 2023

Development of Electrolytes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Report

Electrolytes, Separators and Binders Report

Charging Ahead- Australia’s battery powered future – Accenture Report

Activity Report 2022

Certification Commonalities Report

Natural Graphite Purification Report

Trusted Supply Chain Report

Towards 2030 Australia’s battery powered future

Vocational skills gap assessment and workforce development plan

‘Future Charge – Building Australia’s Battery Industries’ – Accenture Report


Accelerating Hub Development of Australia

The governance of battery value chains:  Security, Sustainability and Australian Policy Options

Li-ion battery cathode manufacture in Australia – a scene setting report

Certification and LCA of Australian Battery Materials – Drivers and Options

Scene Setting Project

State of Play Australian Battery Industries as at March 2020

State of Play:  Electrification

Australian Landscape for Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling and Reuse in 2020


Future Battery