Project to leave a lasting legacy

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The Process Legacy leads caught up with Minister Bill Johnston to provide an update on the project which has commenced investigation into turning mine tailings and process residue into economically viable co-products.

From left: Prof Arie van Riessen, Hon Bill Johnston, Prof Evan Jamieson

Professor Evan Jamieson, who is co-leading this project with Professor Arie van Riessen from Curtin University, coined the phrase “waste is a product made to poor specifications.”

Lower value resources such as sand, aggregate and other minerals are often co-disposed as waste.

“These resources are not waste but are wasted. Like all products, they need to be produced to a standard and that creates significant opportunities and a new industry,” Professor Jamieson said.

The Process Legacy project is the culmination of many years of planning by the Professors, who both have extensive academic and industrial experience.

The pair are championing a collaborate approach between industry, government regulators and advocates utilising academic and independent specialist facilities such as the Chemistry Centre WA.

Central to co-product development are the application of clear standards and a regulatory framework to operate within.

An additional benefit to the prevention of resources being wasted, is the clear and significant level of industry development and employment that is expected to follow.

Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Hon Bill Johnston said, “Process Legacy is a great example of industry and government working collaboratively to create new industries and jobs for Western Australians.

“It’s also addressing how companies can be more sustainable when it comes to mining and mineral processing waste.”

Arie and Evan recorded a brief overview of the project – watch it here.






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