Report on trusted supply chain released

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MELBOURNE 25 October, 2022: Today the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre has released the latest in a series of commissioned research reports related to supply chain provenance.

The report titled ‘Development of a trusted supply chain for Australian battery minerals and products’ focuses on project feasibility, market need and the potential value that could be added to Australian lithium producers.

The report’s development was led by Dr Prok Vasilyev with support from specialists at the John de Laeter Centre at Curtin University, Murdoch University and Everledger. Dr Vasilyev discussed his report and key findings with Michelle Stanley from ABC radio and you can listen to the audio here.

Chief Executive Officer Shannon O’Rourke commended the report’s authors on its release.

“Product quality is no longer just performance. We need to know where inputs were sourced, how products were made, and their impacts.  This report provides a roadmap for Australia to secure a competitive advantage from its world class ESG performance with a provenance system giving confidence all the way along the value chain,” said Shannon.

Author Dr Prok Vasilyev explained the key drivers behind the report’s development.

“There is opportunity to increase value and yield in the supply chain. Increasing environmental and social concerns are at the heart of this project, with consumers increasingly pushing for greater transparency. A transparent and secure traceability solution with the ability to verify provenance is needed and this report is an important step towards that process,” said Dr Vasilyev.


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