The project

The Recycle, Repurpose and Re-use project aims to identify regulatory issues and barriers to large-scale recovery of end-of-life batteries.

The first phase of the project will include a review of Australian Regulations that cover storage, pre-treatment, and transport of end-of-life batteries in a commercial context. The second phase will deliver a set of recommended actions to improve battery recovery and recycling outcomes.

The impact

With battery usage predicted to grow ten-fold over the next decade, the need for effective end-of-life waste management strategies is becoming increasingly urgent.

Whilst delivering positive benefits for emissions reduction, the growth in battery demand and associated waste management, also creates potential safety and environmental issues for the community. It also results in the loss of valuable battery metals and materials, with an estimated impact to the economy of between $600million – $3.1billion.

“Recycling, re-using and reducing battery waste simply makes sound economic sense, ensuring that valuable battery minerals and materials are optimised as part of a more sustainable and circular economy for Australian battery industries” - Shannon O’Rourke.

Participants (TBC)

  • Australasian Pozzolan Association
  • BASF Corporation
  • BHP
  • Lithium Australia
  • Talga

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