The project

The Mine Operational Vehicle Electrification (MOVE) Project will use technology to help Australia’s mining industry make informed decisions about the adoption of safer, greener and more efficient battery-supported electric vehicles (BEVs).

The impact

The mining industry currently relies on the use of predominantly diesel-powered vehicles for heavy equipment and machinery to transport materials between mining sites. With ESG and sustainability initiatives of increasing concern to investors and financiers, this project and its outcomes are particularly timely.

As a world-first, this project will help the mining sector to take the lead in the race to decarbonise, using the latest technology to improve decision making in terms of optimum timing and cost of deployment of BEVs.

“From understanding the exact inventory required, to calculating the costs of implementation, this project will help support mining companies to make a successful transition to BEVs.”

— Dr Ali Pourmousavi Kani


  • Arcadium Lithium
  • BHP
  • Department for Energy and Mining
  • Department of Energy and Public Works (QLD)
  • Energetics Pty Ltd
  • IGO
  • Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia
  • Multicom Resources Limited
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of Western Australia

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