This program aims to develop Australian battery fabrication capabilities, enhance battery testing facilities and develop new battery energy storage systems.

It completes the value chain including battery manufacture, deployment and optimising use of energy storage systems in the economy.

Battery management system technologies will be developed for a diverse range of deployment environments that have demanding safety, reliability, security and quality requirements.

The five research themes are:

  • Cell manufacturing and testing capability;
  • Battery energy storage systems manufacturing and testing capability;
  • Battery development for deployment-specific applications;
  • Smart battery management systems; and
  • Battery safety and security.

Program Impacts

The investment in the manufacturing, testing and deployment program will produce the following key outputs:

  • Extended and enhanced pilot cell and battery manufacturing and testing plants equipped to take in an extended range of raw materials, cells and battery systems;
  • Validated and tested designs of new battery and materials chemistries for new components. Battery hybrids, making use of the strengths of different cell types;
  • Prototype smart battery management systems adapted to optimise battery performance, longevity and safety in various demanding operating environments as found in grids, defence, agriculture and mining equipment and vehicles;
  • Risk models and guidelines based on battery risk types, failure event impacts, failure likelihood based on cell chemistry, battery quality, battery management systems and deployment environments; and
  • Modelling and practical integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems in microgrid and consumer grid networks.